starting a group

Some people are nervous of starting a group - but it’s really very simple. You just need a quiet room, a candle, plenty of cushions and chairs or whatever people like to sit on and perhaps a CD or tape recorder. A group does not need to be large. Many groups we’re aware of have only two or three people. They simply get together privately at one’s home or another convenient location around the time of the full moon and say the Great Invocation.

At one point the group might decide to open the meditations up to the general public. In order to have a public full moon meditation you need:

    1. A location - this can be an individuals house or you might wish to find a location where strangers are not invited to your house. We have used business meeting rooms, churches, parks (in the summer), hotel meeting rooms. Some of these have charged - some not.
    2. A way to communicate to others that you are open to the public. This might be though:
      1. word of month.
      2. this website. (smile)
      3. posters at the library, book stores, coffee shops, churches. The poster can simply be a regular piece of paper with tear offs with a phone number or email address.
      4. other groups such as regular meditation groups.
      5. MeetUp.com - which presently charges $72 every six months, or another online group.
      6. magazines, newspapers, online community calendars. Many local newspapers and magazine have calendars for community events. There are also some online community calendars.
      7. after a few meetings where you collect email addresses you could also use a source like ConstantContact.com to send out monthly reminders or newsletters. For a group of up to 500 they charge $15 per month.

In addition to the above the group - whether private or public - may decide that the information provided in our download section is beneficial.

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