Arcana Workshops - The purpose of Arcana Workshops is to provide the training, atmosphere, companionship and service opportunities necessary to link human aspiration with the overshadowing spiritual realities. It's focus is on group meditations.

Esoteric Astrologer - Phillip Lindsay has been a student and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom and Esoteric Astrology for over 25 years, and is the author of several books on the subject. He has taught and lectured throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States of America and South America. As his website attests, he is interested in helping to create a forum whereby some of the best commentators can be brought together in one place, to help deepen understanding of this subject.

Lucis Trust - The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

Malvin Artley - Malvin Artley is very knowledgeable about both Western and Chinese Astrology. He has two different mailing lists one for each of these types of astrology.

Peter Fich Christiansen and Birgitte Fich - These are two artists who have provided pictures of the masters for download to display at your full moon meditations. They have many additional pictures you might be interested in.

School for Esoteric Studies - The School for Esoteric Studies provides discipleship training by correspondence (in English, Italian, and Spanish) based on the Ageless Wisdom teachings as compiled by Alice Bailey and Master Djwhal Khul, with an emphasis on meditation, study, and service and designed to produce World Servers.

Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays - The Seven Ray Institute and University of the Seven Rays serve as vehicles for the presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teachings at this time of preparation for the return of the World Teacher.

World Service Group - The purpose of this website is to provide meditators and students alike with all the resources they need to participate in the full moon meditation process. Every month full moon commentaries written by long-time meditators will be presented a few days before the next full moon so that people can use them in their meditation. Suggested meditation formats and other resource material are also available.


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